Security Council calls for efforts to boost role of young people in peace efforts

Security Council calls for efforts to boost role of young people in peace efforts

The international community is being urged to increase the role of young people in negotiating 
and implementing peace agreements, in line with a resolution adopted unanimously by the Security Council.

The 15 ambassadors called on the UN Secretary-General and his Special Envoys to take young people’s views into account in security-related discussions and to facilitate their participation at decision-making levels.

They also asked countries to protect educational institutions and to ensure they are accessible to all youth, in addition to taking measures to address young women’s right to education. 

The wide-ranging resolution was tabled by Sweden and Peru. 

In introducing the draft, Swedish Ambassador Olof Skoog said it underlines the contribution young people can make to peace and security if they are actively engaged. 

They are also crucial to forging an inclusive vision of a shared future, Peru’s Ambassador Gustavo Meza-Cuadra stated following the vote. 

Recognizing that the marginalization of young people is detrimental to building sustainable peace and countering violent extremism, the Council called on all relevant parties to consider ways to increase their representation when negotiating and implementing peace agreements. 

The resolution also placed importance on creating policies for youth that would “positively contribute” to peacebuilidng efforts, such as in the areas of social and economic development. 

Other examples cited include supporting projects designed to grow local economies, or those that provide youth employment opportunities and vocational training, or which promote youth entrepreneurship and constructive political engagement.